Debutantes Ball

bellesYoung Ladies are requested to be a Memphis Debutant

Debutantes Invited

If you know of a young lady, perhaps daughter, granddaughter or niece, who is a descendant of a Confederate veteran, and is eligible to be a Southern Debutante, we would like to invite her to participate as a Deb at the 2017 National Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion.

This will be July 19-22, 2017 at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel and involve a number of activities for the girls and her parents and family. The Grand Ball for the Debs will be Sat, July 22nd in the Ballroom of the Memphis Convention Center.

Debutante Qualifications:
A Debutante must be a descendant of a Confederate soldier, never been married or had a child(ren), cannot be engaged, must be between 16-23, be sponsored by a camp or division, and has not been previously presented at a NATIONAL SCV reunion.

It is not required that the father have Confederate lineage, just the deb. In a past case a deb’s father was a first generation American, and his parents came from Germany. The mother was from the South and had Confederate ancestors. Dad was an associate member of the camp that was sponsoring her and the brothers were members of the SCV. In another case the dad was not even in the picture for whatever reason and the pastor was the one who had recommended the young lady to participate. She participated.

PLEASE CONTACT US if you have a young lady who is interested.
Lee Millar Convention Planning Committee
Download the Debutante Registration Form Here

Debutante Luncheon (Saturday)